Initially, a strategy tends to be abstract. It becomes more tangible when employees put it into practice on a daily basis. In the context of its SHAPE30 strategy, the Group has identified corporate culture as one of five success factors underpinning the process of transformation. Trust and reliability, passion and team spirit, integrity, sustainability, innovation, and focus are among the core values that guide ElringKlinger employees in their day-to-day endeavors ...

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Anja Ji

Department: ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Position: HR Manager

With the company for: 7 years

ElringKlinger in three key words:
partner for a sustainable future, globally present, customer-oriented


Which aspect of sustainability do you consider most important?

Sustainability starts with people: in a culture in which progressive thinking is encouraged and new ideas are given space, sustainable solutions can flourish. It is also important that sustainability is firmly anchored in the organizational structure and that there are concrete responsibilities, processes and goals that are pursued and reflected upon.


Why is it important for you to be able to develop personally at work?

For me, being able to develop at work means approaching every task with self-confidence, getting to know your strengths and weaknesses, and dealing with them. It is important to approach topics with an open mind: By acquiring new skills and further developing existing skills, you help the company and yourself as a person to progress.


What does it mean to you when you and your colleagues can rely on each other?

Trust and reliability are essential for a good working atmosphere. At the same time, it is the basis for successful collaboration and ultimately for the success of a company: what is more unifying than working towards a common goal? In my opinion, it is important to treat each other with respect and to support each other at work. In an environment of trust, we are honest with each other, can exchange different opinions and admit mistakes.


Department: Manufacturing Assembly

Position: Production Employee

With the company for: 25 years

ElringKlinger in three key words:
ambitious, responsible, home


Why wouldn’t you be willing to give up your team for anything in the world?

After so many years of working together as a team, we understand each other without having to say anything. We support each other with problems and seek solutions in a joint effort. I wouldn’t be without my team under any circumstances, as we are there for each other and can rely on one another. But we also have fun and laugh together from time to time. In my opinion, humor should never be neglected in our daily interactions.


What encourages you to give 100 percent in your work?

When I implement something, I always do my best. I don’t need any external incentive or encouragement to do so. This is my own sense of motivation. But of course I’m pleased when I receive positive feedback for my work. Recognition encourages you to do the right thing and shows that you are valued.


To what extent do you take responsibility as part of your daily work?

Taking responsibility is simply part of my job: I make decisions every day as to whether the product in question is good and can therefore be dispatched to the customer. This applies to day-to-day work in production as well as to product audits.


Department: ElringKlinger Automotive Manufacturing, Inc. / US

Position: Sales Manager North America

With the company for: 2 years

ElringKlinger in three key words:
quality, innovation, environmental consciousness


How do you come up with new solutions at a professional level and what inspires you?

Real-time solutions for this evolving business often still tie to core values. My experience in the Automotive industry first as an end customer and entrepreneur, then through multi-level distribution in wholesale and retail allows me to view through the customer’s eyes. Finding solutions that are right for the customer as well as our organization inspires me.


What excites you about ElringKlinger?

Working for a 140 plus year old organization that stays cutting-edge and innovative. A company where quality or customer experience is never compromised. Firmly rooted in its history and core competences and using that knowledge and experience to help build a sustainable future. I am excited to be part of that bridge – from the traditional aftermarket to what will become our future reality.


How do you always stay focused in your line of work?

Putting myself in the customers’ shoes. Their experience and finding solutions to their issues are my number one priority. There are many suppliers in our industry and people must make buying decisions. I still believe that people buy preferably from people – people they like and trust. My goal is not to give them a reason to look anywhere else.